A compilation of radio clips, interviews and comments

"Julian Raven is a National Treasure" Radio Caller on Frank Acomb's radio show 'Frankly Speaking'.  There are also clips from interviews with Julian Raven.

Letters of Recommendation

Outstanding Reactions

"I have goosebumps"

A young man paced back and forth in front of the painting vigorously rubbing arms as he declared "I have goosebumps..." 

*$^#% @($ @#$ &%^$(#

An old man's shocking reaction was a huge outburst of shouting and cursing in a positive way as the painting was unveiled!


A woman stood in silence as the painting was unveiled.  She did not say a word and awkwardly left the building.  Many people have had hostile reactions to the painting, so was she offended? 

Later she wrote and email apologizing for the silence, as she explained the painting left her 'speechless'....

Veteran Applause

A young soldier, now a veteran from being stationed Afghanistan was invited to the studio by another veteran to see the painting.  

Upon entering the building and seeing the huge American flag he asked; "Mr Raven, what is Old Glory doing here?", little did he know what was behind it.  Once unveiled the man cheered and applauded out loud as he was completely moved and surprised by what he saw.

"Yo! Dats wack!"

A Black Lives Matters protester at the Cleveland RNC yelled his approval of the painting even though he wore a shirt slamming then candidate Trump.  He made it clear that he 'hated' trump, but he loved the painting.

Inspirational art became the bridge upon which positive dialogue happened.

"I was undecided about voting for Trump..."

An undecided voter at the RNC in the public square upon seeing the painting spontaneously declared he would now vote for Trump.  What ever it was about the image was enough to move him to vote.  Hence the power of art!

"Thank you for your service!"

A Vietnam veteran at a showing of the Trump painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' during the Iowa Caucuses was so moved that he gave the artist a special card that he said he only gave to those he met who were veterans.  He thanked Julian Raven for his service to the country! As a new born U.S. Citizen this honor was unexpected and yet made the mission all the more significant.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Gather

A large group of Bernie Sanders supporters gathered around the painting in Cleveland at the RNC and discussed the painting in a positive manner even though being in opposition of the subject in the painting, namely Trump.

Man Tries to Eat The Painting

A man at the 2016 RNC, made several attempts to eat the painting by chewing on the corners before being arrested!

A group of three men in a car and the 25 foot banner

As Julian Raven hung the 12x25 foot banner of the image of the Trump Painting, on the front wall of his art studio, a car with three men approached.  They immediately threatened to destroy the banner.

Rather than be offended or respond in anger, Julian Raven began to discuss the image and Trump.  After 15 minutes the men said; "If anyone tears the banner down it was not us...thank you!", as they went away with another perspective, as art was the interface for constructive dialogue.

Under her breath...

An artist in LA, at Politicon 2016 approached Julian Raven to express appreciation for the painting.  This was all done under her breath, whilst covering her mouth, as she looked around to make sure no one was watching her.