public speaking as a grass roots campaigner

Republican Committee Dinner in October 2016 in Chemung County, New York.  Julian Raven was invited to replace gubernatorial candidate Wendy Long who was unable to attend the dinner. 

Smithsonian portrait gallery - a historic pictorial archive of historic americans and events

Goto Anti-Trump Painting on CBS Local Pittsburgh

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The Smithsonian has no problem showing left wing, Democrat political campaign portraits.  But the Trump portrait was 'Too political" Both Hillary and Obama's 2008 political art was accepted and/or displayed at the National Portrait Gallery establishing legal precedent for political free speech to be expressed at the portrait gallery.  But conservative, Republican right wing political speech is barred as 'too political' in violation of the 1st Amendment to the U.S, Constitution.

special counsel Hatch Act Investigation of kim sajet

When a federal officer, the director of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the curator of our American pictorial history can go to a hostile anti-Trump rally and tweet directly to the official Smithsonian Twitter feed and get away with it, you know that the D.C. swamp is far reaching and very deep.