An immigrant's journey to American citizenship

Born In England


Julian Raven was born in Richmond Upon Thames, in London, England to his Jewish father Gerald and Gentile mother Barbara Raven. 

Brought Up In Southern Spain


Since he was 2 years old Raven lived and grew up on the Mediterranean in southern Spain, near Gibraltar and opposite the Atlas mountains of Africa. 

The PSOE socialist party has been the dominant political force in Spain since the death of Franco, the dictator in 1975.  



Marbella is a paradise on the Mediterranean.  Raven spent 26 years of his life in this picturesque part of the world.



Since the age of 10, Raven became an atheist after the unexpected death of his father.  This atheism grew and became militant in his late teens and early twenties.



A self portrait painted in 1987 at the Chelsea School of Art in London, England.  This painting captured the deep sadness and struggles that engulfed my years as a hopeless atheist.

The Mountain Of God


If the fall of 1992, after years of deep discouragement and struggles with depression to the point of contemplating suicide, Raven was marvelously visited by God on the mountain behind his home.

The Calling To Ministry


Raven went from living in a socialist country as a liberal atheist leftist, living a hard core 'Rock n Roll' life style, owning and running three hard rock bars, laced with drugs, booze, motorbikes and women, to walking away from it all to follow the call of God on his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Coming To America


After becoming a full time missionary in Almeria, Spain, Raven embarked on a one way journey to California, USA, on his way to Mexico to preach the Gospel in Latin America being fluent in Spanish.

Falling In Love With America


From the Mayflower Compact and The Declaration of Independence to the U.S. Constitution, God was woven into the very fabric of this great country.  Raven learned that Americans were bold and courageous, yet kind and generous having been influenced for centuries by the Gospel message in this great land of liberty.

Self Deportation and Heart Ache


After 2 years in the USA, having overstayed his Visa, God made it clear that it was time to do the right thing and leave.  Raven surrendered to the authorities at 25 Federal Plaza in NYC only to be told to just leave the country which he did.  6 months later he returned legally with his visa in order, to marry his fiancee.

The Love of a Woman


Six months separated for the newly engaged and in love couple was a brutal but necessary time apart.  In order to do the right thing there was only one way and that was to leave.  Marriage under the cloud of being 'out of status' had the appearance of wrong doing.  As a Christian in training for ministry Raven had to leave.  They were eventually married on 12.5.98

The Sweetness of Marriage


Julian and Gloria have been married for 20 years and have two daughters 18 and 16 and one son, 14 years old. They live in Elmira, in up state New York.



After many years without producing any serious art, Raven returned to the canvas in 2013.  In his studio in up state New York, Raven creates his art. The painting 'Intelligent Design' hangs on the wall of a prominent Chicago surgeon, Dr. Prpa.

Please go to to see more of Raven's paintings.



Property prices in up state New York are very affordable, allowing an artist to dream big, paint big and produce great works of art.  The Trump Painting, 'Unafraid And Unashamed' was produced in Raven's 6000 sq. ft. art studio in the summer of 2015.

Custom Furniture


In between art sales, Raven uses his skills as a designer, custom cabinetmaker and woodworker.  

The Trump Painting


The Trump Painting was to become an expression of faith and politics expressed through art.  Every effort today is made to divorce God from state and yet America was founded by God in state, not separated!  The Trump Painting was the beginning of a creative adventure that continues till today.



In the midst of painting the Trump Painting Raven's naturalization citizenship ceremony came about. On September 17th, 2015 Julian Raven became an American Citizen.  This was made all the more significant and profound as Raven was immersed in the powerful and patriotic symbolism and images with in the painting.  

Alternate New York Delegate


Reven's year of political activism culminated, when as a newborn U.S. citizen, he was elected to represent New York as an Alternate Delegate for Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio.  As part of the New York delegation Raven got to sit at the very front row of the RNC right in front of the podium.  A copy of the Trump Painting was on show at the New York delegation headquarters at the Plaza Hotel.